A modern Dungeoncrawler

No attributes, no XP, but a lot of tactics

Easy to learn

Pick a few skills, create your dice pools, start exploring!

Made for tactile play

Raiders of Arismyth is written to allow fast play with miniatures

Ready for campaigns

Start your own West Marshes style campaign today!

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  • The Draft Version is DONE

    The Draft Version is DONE

    As of yesterday night, I have finished writing all the text for the game. All chapters are complete, all rules playtested (although there’s always room for more testing), all random tables filled out. What is new or changed? The magic system is revamped a bit, we have a tick system for combat, there are tools…

  • First update of 2024

    First update of 2024

    We’re in the new year, and my playtesting continues. Two things came up: The Timeline Challenge Especially the second one is a good problems to have – it means I have people interested in playing the game! But I want to have all the groups I run to play in the same world. There might…

  • Simple rules becoming complex

    Simple rules becoming complex

    One of the things I wanted to achieve with this game was a simple and coherent ruleset. Ideally just one mechanic that can be applied as broadly as possible. And mostly, I think I succeeded in this: All rolls are done in the same way, with skill plus modifier determining how many dice you roll…

Stomp all over level&class systems

Raiders of Arismyth only knows Advancements, which cover everything from trades, combat skills, and spells!

A whole new game setting

The empire of the Kari is a human-centric setting where you can explore the southlands after they had been cut off for centuries!